Smoked Turkey and Pepper Jack Cheese melted on a toasted 
Onion Roll with Mayonnaise, Horseradish Mustard and Coleslaw. 7.99

Smoked Turkey and Swiss on Rye with Mayonnaise, 
Coleslaw and sliced Ripe Tomatoes. 7.08

Premium Corned Beef & Swiss on toasted Rye with 
Sauerkraut, Horseradish Mustard, Mayonnaise and Coleslaw. 8.49

Big “O”
Smoked Turkey on Whole Wheat with Mayonnaise, 
Coleslaw, Lettuce and Sliced Tomatoes. 6.44

Tamales - Made in house from scratch
Order of 3 plain – 4.95,  add chili– 6.98, Dozen – 19.99, 1/2 Dozen - 9.96


Premium, in-house smoked deli meats:
Ham, Turkey, Chopped Pork or Bologna 6.23
Corned Beef, Pastrami, Sliced Beef, Chopped Beef 7.52
Hot Link Sausage or Polish Sausage 5.37
Grilled Cheese or Pimento Cheese 3.86

Breads:  Rye, White, Whole Wheat or Bun

Toppings:  Mayo, Mustard, Coleslaw, Lettuce,Tomato, Onion, Jalapeno, Kraut, Pickles, & Ranch

Extras:  Onion Roll, Deli Roll or Sub Roll 89¢ Gluten Free 1.34  Bacon 81¢  Cheese 55¢ Double Meat 2.15 *Double Beef 4.08

Terri-Lynn's BBQ & Delicatessen
A Tradition in Little Rock since 1959

Chopped Pork or Sliced Pork
Regular Sandwich 6.05  Large 7.19

Chopped Beef or Sliced Beef
Regular Sandwich 8.59  Large 9.67

Dinner Plates
Turkey•Beef •Ham •Pork
Served with beans, potato salad, coleslaw, pickle spear & two slice of white bread. 10.63 
Beef 11.83


Foot Long
Foot long hot dog on a bun with mustard, onion, American cheese, homemade chili & coleslaw. 7.52
*Ketchup & mustard only: 4.15

German or Polish Delight
Hot link or Polish sausage served on a deli roll with Swiss, sauerkraut, mayo, horseradish mustard & coleslaw. 7.08

Killer Dog
¼ lb. hot dog served on a deli roll with sauerkraut, jalapeños, Swiss, chili & mustard. 8.59

Garbage Dog
¼ lb. hot dog served on a deli roll with jalapeños, Tabasco sauce, Swiss, slaw, chili & relish. 8.59

Hot Dog Supreme
¼ lb. hot dog served on a deli roll with sauerkraut, Swiss, horseradish mustard, mayo & slaw. 7.09

Demon Delight
Hot link sausage served on a deli roll with sauerkraut, jalapeños, Swiss, chili & mustard. 8.59


Nacho chips with hot cheese dip, homemade chili, shredded lettuce, diced tomatoes & jalapenos. 7.29

BBQ Beef 7.79 BBQ Pork 6.79 Chili & Cheese 6.73  Cheese only 4.70

Frito Chili Pie
Fritos corn chips smothered with our homemade
chili and delicious nacho cheese sauce with a
sprinkling of fresh, diced onions. 7.16


Potato Salad • Macaroni Salad • Coleslaw 
BBQ Beans • Deviled Eggs and Chips
Single/1.54 • 8oz /3.08 • 16oz/6.16


Smoked ham & turkey, Swiss, smoked cheddar, hard boiled egg
slices, on mixed salad greens with ripe tomato wedges and sliced red onions. 9.13

Choice of chopped beef or pork, smoked cheddar, tomatoes & 
red onion on mixed salad greens served with side of BBQ 
sauce and ranch dressing. Pork 9.13   Beef 10.75  

Dressings: Ranch • Balsamic Vinegrette • blue cheese 
                    1000 Island • Honey Mustard

Fat Boy
Smoked Roast Beef and melted Smoked Cheddar on a toasted Onion Roll with Homemade Ranch, Lettuce and Sliced Tomatoes. 8.59

Pita Sandwiches: Your choice of Meat, served on a Toasted Pita Bread with Crisp Lettuce, diced Ripe Tomatoes and Homemade Ranch Dressing. 6.87

Smoked Turkey & Pepper Jack Cheese on a Toasted Pita with Bacon, Ranch, Lettuce and Tomatoes. 7.84

French Dip
Thinly Sliced Smoked Beef Brisket served on a toasted Sub Roll with Melted Swiss Cheese and hot Homemade Au jus. 8.59

Warm, Sliced Smoked Beef Brisket served on a fresh baked Sub Roll with Melted Pepper Jack Cheese and Onions with Ranch dressing and served with hot Homemade Au jus. 8.84


Chocolate Chess Pie & Pecan Pie  
      2.89/slice,  18.25/whole pie

Double chocolate Brownies 1.60
Kids Menu

Choices: Turkey or Ham Sandwich with American cheese, Grilled Cheese, 
PB&J, or Hot Dog.  Includes a choice of one Side and an 8 oz. fountain 
drink or milk.  5.99 (10 & under)

Chopped : Pork 12.67/lb     Beef 21.49/lb
Corned Beef, Pastrami or Smoked Sliced Brisket 21.49/lb
Sliced Ham, Turkey, or Bologna 12.67/lb.

Pepper Jack, Smoked Cheddar, American & Swiss  10.31/lb.

All of our Premium Meats are Hickory Smoked at Terri-Lynn's.
Family Pack

1 lb. Chopped Beef or Chopped Pork 
Includes: One pint of Beans, Coleslaw, Potato Salad, Sauce and 6 Buns
Beef 37.62           Pork 27.95

Deli Trays
Sliced - Ham, Turkey, Roast Beef, Swiss, Pepper Jack & Smoked Cheddar Cheese.  Arranged and garnished to perfection along with horseradish mustard and mayo on a dome-covered tray.
       5.15 per person (8 person minimum)

Boxed Lunches
Choose from one of our delicious sandwiches or salads.  Each box contains a pickle spear, Potato chips and a triple chocolate brownie.
       Menu price for sandwich choice + 3.49 
          (Minimum order of 8)

Sandwich Platters
Sandwiches are loaded with our Premium, in-house Smoked Turkey and Ham and Cheeses. Topped with freshly sliced tomatoes and crisp lettuce. Mayo and Mustard on the side.
  6.87/person (5 person minimum)
  Add 1.29/person for Sliced Beef or Corned Beef