Terri-Lynn's BBQ and Delicatessen
A Tradition in Little Rock since 1959
"Great food, the best tamales ever...excellent sandwiches, good service...been eating here since 1970's, never had anything but good food..."

- Don T., Cincinnati, OH on Yelp, 7/7/2020
"I am a local venue supporter and this is one of my favorites. When I am hungry for sandwiches Terri-Lynn's is where I head.  Love the coach's special, baked beans, deviled eggs, barbecue, desserts. Tables available also.  Easy drive up parking. A great place to stop and pick up dinner too."

- Customer review on Urbanspoon, 03/15/2011 
"The barbecue sandwich at Terri Lynn's will lift you out of any depth of despair. Shredded pork in a tangy, slightly sweet barbecue sauce, topped with coleslaw, all of it piled on a white bun -- not for a low carb diet. All of the meats are delicious and smoked by the owners, so go for any sandwich you want."

- Customer from San Fransisco, CA 06/21/2007
"Husband and I finally got around to going to lunch here today (Saturday). I got the Fat Boy and husband got the French Dip. Sides were potato salad and deviled egg. The sandwiches were amazing and we could absolutely tell the roast beef was done fresh. I loved the potato salad, but husband wasn't feeling it which was fine since his sandwich filled him up, plus I got to finish his (pregnant lady hunger). The deviled egg was really good too, though I'll always prefer my mom's...
The service was fast and polite and the place smelled like delicious BBQ. We will definitely be going back."

-Customer review from Little Rock, AR on Yelp, 05/2017
"For my most recent lunch, I ordered one of the signature sandwiches, a smoked roast beef and cheddar concoction called Fat Boy. With a name like that, I was expecting more of a mountainous sandwich, but unfortunately, Fat Boy is best suited for a normal-sized appetite. At first glance, it looks like a thin-patty hamburger, but upon close inspection, you’ll realize it’s, in fact, a tender, tightly-packed and shredded roast beef sandwich. The beef is just a tad smokey, not enough to overpower the sandwich’s other ingredients, but just enough to let you know it’s there. Also, the soft, yellow-tinted bun provides the perfect vehicle to get the beef into your mouth. The shredded lettuce, tomatoes, and a thin layer of house-made ranch dressing round out the sandwich."

-The Mighty Rib review, February 24, 2017